Free Online Roulette Games and Simulators

Start playing roulette by choosing one of the available game modes. All this roulette games deal with points only. Educate yourself and have fun.

Roulette Simulator Start Game

Full featured classic online Roulette Game for all who just want to play und understand roulette. Check out this new version! It provides improved usability and enhanced functionality. Play for fun and for free wherever you are. This remake of the old and classic Simple Simulator combines the proven features with modern web gaming interfaces and indeterministic high quality random number generation.

Martingale Simulator Start Game

The Martingale Simulator is made for testing out the roulette martingale strategy. Martingale is a probability based play strategy where the player changes the amount of points according to the previously thrown result. Usually the used points increase after a loss and lower after a win, but the Martingale Simulator can even handle negative progression factors. The actor can configure the playings behavior of the simulator with a bunch of settings in a amazingly flexible range.

Paroli Simulator Start Game

The Paroli Simulator Game for exploring the most played win progression strategy. This sim is configurable by rules that define, how the simulator will act during the paroli simulation session in a powerful and flexible way. Ususally the Paroli player will increase the points in case of a win event. It is called Paroli, because the player plays high points only with those points he has won before. This simulator can handle only one field bet per throw, which makes the results understandable to everyone.

Alembert Simulator Start Game

The Alembert Simulator is made for exploring the Alembert strategy playful and deeply. It provides all options and settings to configure a playings behavior according to Alembert. This specific strategy is a loss progression that uses an absolute in-/decrease amount of points which is added or subtracted instead of a progression factor as used in Martingale. This simulator can handle only one played field per throw, which makes the results understandable to everyone.

Sequences Simulator Start Game

The Roulette Sequence Martingale Game is a hybrid strategy based on sequence patterns combined with a loss progression (Martingale). The number continuum is splitted up into sequences. If this sequence has a certain dominance ratio of one or the other color, then a play signal is send to the simulator. The Sequence Martingale is only playable on the 1:1 fields also called simple chances. In this online roulette game you can even play only on red or black.

Custom Progression Table Start Game

In this game the player can define a custom non-linear progression table. E.g. first step 10 points, second step 50 points. If win go back to step 1 of loss continuing with step 2 and so on. The simulator will observe the results and process the progression. It works on the progression table throw by throw while the player can watch the results. Follow the instructions you will perceive in the game. Define your table, click on the field where you want to play, then click run progression.

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