Roulette strategies

The aim of any roulette strategy is to achieve solid profits in the long run.

A roulette strategy is a defined ruleset including the plan what to do in cases of win and loss while playing roulette. Most roulette strategies are based on probability assumptions about the bignum.

Strategies with loss progression try to compensate any previously collected losses through increasing the stakes in the following round.

Reglas de progresión de la ruleta Estrategias havedifferent. Por ejemplo progresión plana y empinadas. La Martingala es una progresión empinada, ya que el juego anterior se duplicó después de la pérdida. Esto conduce muy rápidamente a grandes cantidades y puede arruinar el jugador después de poco tiempo. Por lo que la estrategia de Paroli es una progresión empinada, pero no tiene por qué afectar a arriesgar grandes cantidades, debido a que la apuestas sólo se duplican después de una victoria.

Legal Situation while playing roulette strategies

The legal situation for applying or playing a roulette strategy in a casino can be different depending on the house rules of the casino. In fact playing a strategy based on probability theory is nowhere a problem. It is up to the players to try out their personal betting strategy. If a player loses all his cash, the casino won't give a tear, nor the player needs to feel bad if he wins. More problematic is it when the player wants to use technical aids brought into the casino. Here, the game master may prohibit the usage of external technology. Some casinos even go so far as to X-ray her guests at the entrance, to determine whether they have technical instruments in their luggage. An example of an illegal roulette strategy is stealing chips from another player... 8)

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