The Paroli Roulette Strategy

The Paroli roulette strategy is a popular win progression strategy. If you read already the article about the martingale strategy, then you know at least what a strategy based on progression is. So what's so special about this roulette strategy? We consider the low capital requirements and the ease of handling as the advantages of the Paroli betting system. No mental arithmetic or permanent changes in the stakes amounts or game fields are required.
As disadvantages we must point out the rare event of achievement and the highly needed patience while playing the Paroli roulette strategy.
The Paroli system is played usually on Simple Chances but it can also be transferred to any other betting field. The player starts with a low initial stake, for example 5 to Red. In case of winning the bet, the stake is left on the roulette table and the player speculates on the occurrence of a win series. It always requires strong nerves by the player. For one 10-time-series - which is not quite frequent - but also not really rare - were 10 times red in a row shows up, the player would have already 5120 in front of himself. It is of course not absolutely necessary to play untill the table limit is reached. It is also possible to play on the occurences of 4- or 5-series and when they entered the game will end. According to the series length we speak from 4-Paroli or 5-Paroli.

The roulette simulator for Paroli Roulette is now available but is limited to one field at the same time.

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